SpiritBook S1L (S14) And Linux (Fedora VS Ubuntu)

So, I began the quest to replace Windows 10 on my IRULU SpiritBook shortly after I purchased it on Amazon.com. After downloading my favorite IDE and Notepad++, disheartened that although Linux was available to install inside of Windows 10, the 32bit bios wouldn’t allow me to install it on my copy.

I can always dual-boot, right? So, I promptly ordered a 128GB MMC card to dual-boot with. Now just to grab a USB thumb drive of Ubuntu 17.10 and I’m off to dual booting heaven…

Or so one would think. After much Googling; finding some sites and forums that said it simply could not be done;  I created my very own thumb drive with a 32bit EFI grub loader and a 64bit version of Ubuntu. After reading many doc pages, how to’s, tutorials and the like; with much brow beating, general Tom-foolery and wheel re-invention, I finally got Ubuntu up and running!… for 15 seconds at a time.

The laptop screen flickered black every fifteen seconds and I had to log back in to Gnome EVERY. DANG. TIME. I would frantically type in my password then a command into the command line hoping that it would resolve this issue. This is why you choose Ubuntu right, all the user support? I searched, I googled, I forum-ed, I posted my hardware issues on various sites all to no avail. 

Then, a nagging thought returned to my mind like a dog returning home for its supper: Fedora. I have used Fedora on my desktops since the “Unity” debacle (where Ubuntu stopped using Gnome Desktop because wombats or something). I checked the USB stick of Fedora 27 just to see if it had a 32bit EFI file (having tried Manjaro and other Linuxes I knew I had to have this file at least), and sure enough there it was.

I plugged in the Fedora 27 USB stick… everything worked. And I mean, everything. The live version found all my drivers; no searching for wi-fi drivers, video drivers, etc. Every thing just worked, immediately. I cleared out Ubuntu 17.10 and Windows 10 to make room for all my wonderful programs.

So, here’s my tutorial for installing Linux on an IRULU SpiritBook:

Download and install the latest version of Fedora and enjoy.

 It’s really that simple.

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