Baaaaah Politics!

This year’s election (2020), the Covid 19 pandemic, the protests, the riots, the murders, the genocide in Armenia, the online slave trade, the creepy paedophiles in high places, the dissolution of the separation of Church and State (the States and Cities cancelling religious ceremonies and services), and all the other crap that Americans have to deal with has driven everyone insane. All the keyboard warriors are itching to call someone racist, fascist, misogynist, the “other” who is most certainly bad; looking for any excuse, but only aggravating their friends and family. It certainly feels like end of the world. But, I’m not buying it. Something’s got to give.

Why do I have hope? Well, perhaps I’m too optimistic, but I believe that like Johnny Rotten; the American people will become anti-establishment. We, as a people, will look back at this period and realize all of our collective ridiculousness and hypocrisy. How can one be radical if popular opinion remains on their side? The silent majority whom wish to raise their children, love their significant other, go to their places of work, worship and amusement; just wish to live their lives unopposed and will promptly get back to that as soon as possible. Those whom still have hate and racism in their heart will no longer have a place in our society. If identity politics win, we will continue to play into separation, segregation and hate of the “other.” We are one nation, one people, and we need to start behaving that way.