Tracktion For Fedora!

Have you ever found the perfect DAW for Linux and then been bummed that it’s only for Ubuntu (Debian based .deb distro’s)? Well, I truly enjoy the Tracktion software (Created by Mackie) for audio recording on Linux. It allows use of VST/VSTi’s that you are familiar with as well as multi-track support for creating a complete audio experience.

Alien(s) are your friends!
To successfully create an .rpm package from a .deb package, don’t worry, Alien’s got your back. You’ll need (if you are using the most current version of Fedora 37) a working VM of Ubuntu (I used the included “Boxes” software) with Alien installed (sudo apt install alien).

I followed the instructions for installing an Amazon product (you have to use sed to manipulate a .spec file), and installed libcurl-gnutls from a repo with the –allowerasing mod (dnf install libcurl-gnutls –allowerasing) and finally finished my rpm with alien. Below is a screenshot of my working, activated software :D!






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